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Kill the Non-dom Movement: Folly in Fairness Clothing?

April 10th, 2015


Well now Labour has nailed its colours to the mast and boldly declared that they will eliminate the non-domiciled remittance tax system if elected. This populist “Tax the Rich” announcement actually had them leap forward in the polls past the Tories. Some politically motivated Labour advisors suggest that the number of super wealthy Non-Doms who will leave […]


Roger “BitCoin Jesus” Ver is Outraged…Outraged I tell you!

March 18th, 2015

Disaster Waiting to Happen Room.

I guess that Roger Ver is not aware of the Streisand Effect! For those who are not familiar with his story, a bit of background. After acquiring citizenship in St. Kitts and Nevis (“SKN”), Mr. Ver decided to expatriate from the US. He later wanted to enter the US for a conference. Like all SKN […]


Boris Johnson and the IRS: A Lion in Winter becomes a Lamb in Spring

March 5th, 2015

Bold Boris

Brits are heavily divided on their opinions regarding Mayor of London Boris Johnson but all can agree he is both interesting and colourful. In the last three months, “BoJo” has also captured the attention of the media on the other side of the Atlantic over his row with the US and its ‘citizenship-based taxation’. Mr. […]


Chris Brown refused entry into Canada: Someone’s misjudgement just cost millions

February 26th, 2015


American entertainer Chris Brown was refused entry to Canada on Tuesday evening for being criminally inadmissible. His problems stem from two very famous assault convictions in 2009  and 2014. It has also been rumoured that he had also previously been denied entry into Canada on two prior occasions for the exact same reason. Whatever your opinion […]