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In the complex world of international immigration, citizenship, and taxation, Lesperance & Associates stands out. We provide our clients with expert immigration and taxation advice to help them plan their future financial security. Moreover our advice always fully considers their personal, family, business and succession situations.


Introducing the Lesperance US Expatriation Report

We bring our thirty years of experience of the US expatritaion process to analyse the latest figures from the US Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate List.

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As one of the world’s leading practitioners in the areas of citizenship and international tax law, our opinion and expertise has often been sought out by the media. Read our  latest media mentions below:

Tax issues may lead millionaires to leave UK
The U.K May Implement a New Tax That Could Cause the Ultra-Wealthy to Leave the Country
Ultra-rich entrepreneurs threaten to desert Britain over tax
EU New AML Regulations to Impact RCBI Practitioners
Where are the new non-dom hubs? Advisers reveal leading destinations after Labour win
Non-doms are paying record taxes, but Labour will shove them out the door
French Left's Tax Pledges May Go Unfulfilled
French Left's Tax Pledges May Go Unfulfilled
Tax changes under Labour: what should wealthy investors do?
Most Americans who vow to leave over an election never do. Will this year be different?
Will Labour raise taxes – and how to protect yourself
Britain’s Ultra-Rich Map Out Routes to Escape ‘Non-Dom’ Taxes After Labour Victory
Sun, sea and a 20% flat tax: How Portugal is trying to attract smart foreigners
The new money laundering network fuelling the fentanyl crisis
Labour’s non-dom threats mean UK set to miss out on ultra-rich fleeing France and US
Second Residencies and Citizenship with David Lesperance
FT readers respond: Wealthy non-doms plan to leave UK
The Canon: Law vs. Flaw
UK Non-Doms: UK US Planning for Current and Upcoming UK Non-Domiciled Taxpayer Regimes
Vanuatu Defends Granting Citizenship to Convicted Businessman Amid Passport Misuse Allegations
We Are Outta Here! Relocation Options for UK Non Doms and Others
Navigating Uncertainty: The Future of UK Tax Policy for Non-Doms
Decoding Trump's Latest Travel Restrictions 2: Deep Dive with David Lesperance
Crisis-Proof Your Business: Insights from David Lesperance on Second Citizenship
Navigating Success: David Lesperance's Guide to Strategic Networking
David Lesperance on Pre-Immigration Tax Strategies: Your Guide to Moving Abroad
Securing Your Future: Second Residences & Citizenship Insights with David Lesperance
The Gig Economy's Impact on Work and Patriotism | David Lesperance
Britain’s rich race to save their wealth from election hit
David Lesperance: How to Plan and Adapt for Personal and Business Change
Global Mobility & Remote Work Benefits | David Lesperance's Pro Tips
Rich flee UK in ‘panic mode’ to avoid 1,000% inheritance tax hike if Labour wins
Britain’s super rich rush to protect wealth ahead of UK election
Britain’s Rich Race to Save Their Wealth From Election Hit
Future-Proof Your Business: Insights into Global Mobility and Taxation with David Lesperance
Former Americans Who Renounced Their Citizenship Sue US Government Over “Unconstitutional” Fees
UK Crypto Tax Advisers Welcome Proposed Changes to DeFi Lending, Staking Treatment
Expect Avalanche of US Expatriation This Year, Regardless of Who Wins the Election
Report: Record Number of US Millionaires Seek 'Escape Plan'
What to do now to shield your money from Labour
Vitalik Buterin Transfers 80 ETH to Railgun: Could This Raise Legal Concerns?
Cross-border tax experts see rise in activity as clients ponder effects of capital gains changes
The secret life of a Myanmar arms dealer in Dubai
Alexey Pertsev: Details in Full as Court Jails Tornado Cash Developer for 64 Months
Protection and Opportunity For Your Legacy with David Lesperance JD
Breaking Down Relocation Abroad for Americans with David Lesperance Pt.2 - YouTube
The new American dream might be living overseas
Expatriation and Choosing the Right Jurisdiction
The International Family Offices Journal
Roger Ver Arrest May Have Followed Bad Advice, Top Crypto Lawyer Says
On the Hunt for New Collectors, Asian Dealers Are Increasingly Looking West
Breaking Down Relocation Abroad for Americans with David Lesperance Part 1
Breaking Down Relocation Abroad for Americans with David Lesperance Part 1
Tether Sanctions Busting: Venezuela Oil Company Uses USDT to Get Round US Ban, But Will This Boost Regulation Calls?
The Asia Pivot
Wealthy Americans Seek Second Citizenship: Shocking Trends in Residency Abroad
Flight of the Wealthy: Surge in US Millionaires Seeking ‘Escape Plans’
UK’s non-dom shake-up to attract high earners to Gulf
China threat prompts Taiwanese to create a 'plan B'
Portugal just killed the most popular ‘golden visa’ in Europe. Here’s where wealthy Americans are flocking instead
UK Chancellor Announces End of Non-Dom Tax Regime
U.K. “non-domicile” tax status abolished in Jeremy Hunt's budget 2024 Fortune Europe
Jeremy Hunt scraps non-dom regime in spring budget
End of UK’s Non-Dom Tax Break Unsettles Wealthiest Residents
World’s Rich Caught in Crossfire of Britain’s Election Battle
Tax policy wonks rejoice, wealthy households cringe at IRS audit push
Scrapping the non-dom regime: Hunt must proceed with caution
Wealthy UK Non-Doms: Start Planning for New Labour Government
Whichever Way SCOTUS Rules in Moore Case, The Result Will Be More US Citizenship Renunciations
Binance Founder CZ’s Sentencing Pushed Back, Reasons Unknown
Fugitive Terraform CFO Extradited! South Korea Gets Closer to Terraform Crash Answers
The Great American Exodus
International Planning: Tax, Residence and Wealth
How to earn £100,000 – from your sofa
How to Labour-proof your money
SEC Grants Delay in Terraform Labs Case: Extradition of Co-founder Do Kwon Pending
Considering a move abroad in 2024? These are the best countries for expats
Labour is coming for your wealth – here’s where to escape their taxes
Three Things You Should Expect From Investment Migration in 2024
How Second Citizenship Can Expand Your Investment Horizons
UHNWs brace for tax reform in election year
Tax in 2023: pre-empting Labour policies, ‘tax-fluencers’ and more bureaucracy than ever
US Corporate Transparency Act (CTA): Pants on Fire for US Advisors
Second Citizenship For Your Family's Legacy with David Lesperance JD - YouTube
This Supreme Court case could pave the way for a ‘wealth tax’
Do Kwon’s Extradition: Montenegro Justice Official to Choose U.S. Over Korea for Crypto Tycoon
Experts Claim UK Won’t Excuse Ignorance in the Hunt for Unpaid Crypto Taxes
UK Won’t Excuse Ignorance in the Hunt for Unpaid Crypto Taxes, Experts Say
Terra’s Do Kwon’s Next Stop, Korea or U.S.? And What Each Holds for Him
Banning Privacy Coins: Why the U.S Might Try and Fail
CZ Sentencing: When Will Binance Founder Changpeng Zhao Discover His Fate?
Banning Privacy Coins: Why the U.S Might Try and Fail
Stay or go? UK’s non-doms prepare for scrapping of tax status
How life insurance can help HNW clients saying goodbye to Canada
Where Is Sam Bankman-Fried? Can FTX Founder Seek Release From Jail If He Appeals?
Labour’s tax plans spark exodus of wealthy Britons to Florida
Your Back Up Plan with David Lesperance

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We have a reputation for advising exceptional people with exceptional needs. Above all, our approach focuses on objective and pertinent advice, driven by years of experience. We never accept commissions or financial incentives from any Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment or ‘Golden Visa’ type programs we may recommend. Therefore our clients can be assured that the advice they receive from our firm is in their best interest because we represent them and only them — not ourselves or any foreign government. Expert at navigating the complexities of today’s financial and legal world, we can guide you in decisions that will help you ensure your future legacy.

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We have a reputation for advising exceptional people with exceptional needs. Our approach focusses on objective and pertinent advice, driven by years of experience. Moreover we never accept commissions or financial incentives from any Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment or “Golden Visa” type programs we may recommend
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