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A Second Passport & Foreign Home? Why you need a Back Up Plan

In this white paper, written for family office experts, our Managing Partner, international tax and immigration expert David Lesperance, explores the purposes and elements of a Back Up Plan that is robust and flexible enough to provide the type of rapid response mechanism that HNW families require in modern times.

A Preview…

The traditional responsibility of a family office is to identify and decrease risks to their client family and its wealth. A second responsibility is to maximize opportunities to expand the client family’s wealth and diversify their lifestyle options. Unfortunately, not all Family Office advisors appreciate the role that residence and citizenship plays in fulfilling these responsibilities.

It is worth remembering that countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK were built by immigrants. Just as relocation had a profound impact on the lives of the original immigrant and their families, it also defined the lives of every generation that followed in their courageous footsteps.

The motivations driving these immigrants were many and varied – economic, political, environmental, technological and social. While expression and manifestations of these reasons were unique to the time, it is interesting that their present day offspring are impacted by the very same types of issues.

Download our white paper to gain greater insight in to the intracies of a truly effective and robust Back Up Plan.

“I have known and worked with David for over two decades, initially when I was Chair of the Global Private Client practice as DLA Piper (then the world’s largest law firm) and more recently as founding partner of my own specialized tax law firm focused predominantly on international clientele. David’s deep and broad knowledge of tax and immigration law across the globe is unparalleled and certainly well-appreciated. In each case, he brings his many years of experience to bear and addresses the most complex of issues, always integrating practical solutions to resolve multi-jurisdictional, multi-generational problems for clients.”
Michael J. Legamaro, Esq.
Legamaro Banipal LLP

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