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Where are Kyle and Zhu?

Where are Kyle and Zhu and why would they keep their location secret?

I AM GOING TO GET REALLY LEGAL, REAL SOON… but first I want to take you back to the delights of 1950s television, and that …

The Game is Afoot… High-Net-Worth Expats Fear Potential Cancellation of Non-Dom Allowance

BRITAIN’S TORY PARTY CIRCUS continues through the coming six weeks. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are head to head in their tussle for the Conservative …

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If the overturning of Roe v Wade has you thinking of building your ‘escape plan’, make sure you start with design… don’t just buy a brick!

The recent US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade has had a huge global media response.  Indeed, both mainstream and online media now seem to be full …

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Not gone… and certainly not forgotten: Some cautionary tales of Tax Evasion

Tales of tax evasion have hit the headlines recently as household names have found themselves in hot water due to a failure to follow the …

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Beyond Satoshi Island Citizenship: Real-world solutions for the Crypto Community

You may well be reading this blog after having read my previous two blogs on Satoshi Island. If so, I am going to make the giant leap …

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Does the latest UK election result put the Non-Dom system at even greater risk?

Will the Tories throw the Non-Dom system under the bus? Could the Chancellor’s family tax situation lead to the end of the Remittance Tax Regime? For the …

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Is Satoshi Island Bitcoin’s Fyre Festival?…. The Follow-up

Recently at the request of several clients I wrote a blog entitled: “Is Satoshi Island Bitcoin’s Fyre Festival?” In this blog I asked a number …

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Senate and House of Representatives of United States Government the stimulus package financial

How realistic is the threat of the Billionaire Minimum Tax? Surely the Democrats will never keep the house and get more seats in the Senate… Will they?? 

Are you resting on your laurels about the impending mid-terms? Are future Democrat wins really that inconceivable? Consider a Backup Plan NOW – and protect …

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Is Satoshi Island Bitcoin’s Fyre Festival?

My father taught me very early in my life that every deal was a bad deal until proven otherwise. Often, when I question “deals of …

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Russian passport with russian currency inside, russian rubles close up

Here today… gone tomorrow. The necessity of a Backup Plan for the wealthy

In this article, we look at how to prepare for the possibility that your current passport could become either useless or dangerous in the future. …

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