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US wildfire

Wealthy Americans are living in political wildfire zone: What should they do to protect their family wealth…. and well-being?

The Growing Concerns of Wealthy Americans in the US Political Wildfire Zone Hopefully, my American readers can forgive the fact that a Canadian is writing
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UK, London, woman taking a picture of the Tower Bridge

Relocate to the UK from the US? How some ‘Reverse Revolutionaries’ are making the move

As part of our US expatriation series we look at the choice to relocate the UK from the US. Here are the pros, cons and
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European Union map with flags of countries. Europe.

EU lineage citizenship for Americans means not only the ‘Old Country’ but 26 other possibilities… You can go home again!

We contemplate EU lineage citizenship as an option for those Americans seeking an exit from the US. Why and the how today’s Americans are contemplating
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Girl in Canada flag with suitcase on country road in sunset

Move to Canada – an intriguing ‘Go Bag’ option if leaving the US.

As part of our US expatriation series we look at how a move to Canada could be an intrguing choice for those considering leaving the
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Businessman holding money in his hands

Do the wealthy pay enough tax? We look at how perception differs from reality in the US.

We examine the contentious issue of ‘do the wealthy pay enough tax?’. Populist politics in the US would suggest the answer is a resounding no.
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Many yellow 9mm bullets and gun on United States flag. Concept of gun trafficking on USA territory

Gun Crime and Expatriation: Fear for their Family’s Safety is Causing Americans to Leave

As part of our series taking a deep dive into motivating factors when it comes to American’s leaving the US we look at gun crime
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Chinese government exit ban

BACKUP PLAN – protection against your own government

Drawing Inspiration from Wisdom: The Philosophical Foundation of the Backup Plan You might be familiar with the statement by Nelson Mandela that “The true character
Back up plan - Lineage citizenship


Beyond Tax Savings: Protecting Wealth and Well-being As discussed in Parts 1 and 2 of our series on notable Backup Plans, most of our clients
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Kuwait War Blog


Exploring the Hidden Dimensions of Backup Plans: Beyond Tax Benefits As noted in Part 1 of this new series on notable Backup Plans, most of
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Back up plan for your family in case of a natural disaster


A Backup Plan Beyond Taxes: How It Safeguarded a Family and Business from a Hurricane Some of our clients seek the “fire insurance” of a
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