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Where are Kyle and Zhu?

Where are Kyle and Zhu and why would they keep their location secret?

I AM GOING TO GET REALLY LEGAL, REAL SOON… but first I want to take you back to the delights of 1950s television, and that …

The Game is Afoot… High-Net-Worth Expats Fear Potential Cancellation of Non-Dom Allowance

BRITAIN’S TORY PARTY CIRCUS continues through the coming six weeks. Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are head to head in their tussle for the Conservative …

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If the overturning of Roe v Wade has you thinking of building your ‘escape plan’, make sure you start with design… don’t just buy a brick!

The recent US Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade has had a huge global media response.  Indeed, both mainstream and online media now seem to be full …

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Not gone… and certainly not forgotten: Some cautionary tales of Tax Evasion

Tales of tax evasion have hit the headlines recently as household names have found themselves in hot water due to a failure to follow the …

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Is Principal Residence Capital Gains Exemption Under Threat in Canada?

Are you a Canadian who gets nervous about budget announcements? Canadians are just starting to think through the ramifications of the latest federal budget announcements. …

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How will the Ukraine war affect Boris Johnson’s re-election hopes?

Can Boris Johnson Save His Skin or Will British Voters Recall His 2021 Antics in 2023? Remember: A Labour Government would Vote New Taxes to …

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Image showing support for Ukrain during war with Russia.

Russia and Ukraine | A Wake Up Call to Protect your Family

MANY OF YOU view me as a cautious observer of the financial world: helping HNWs safeguard their investments, protect their families, wealth, and inheritance – …

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Waving poland flags.

Russia and Poland – a history of conflict and resilience

For those that weren’t aware I have deep connections to Poland… My wife is Polish. My children are Polish, it’s currently the place that we …

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Are you eligible for Italian Citizenship by Descent?

Accessing a European citizenship is undoubtedly an extremely attractive prospect. if you have citizen rights in any of the EU state you have the right …

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With the Tax-The-Rich wildfire raging, it is long past time to fill your grab and go bag… with the insurance of alternative citizenship and residence

DURING THE LAST two weeks, the wealthiest man in the world – Elon Musk – has been named “the world’s richest freeloader.” Unedifying media bites …

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