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Will Elizabeth Warren drive the world’s wealthiest man out the door?

SOME INFLUENTIAL US politicians are gunning for the richest man in the world – the pugnacious genius and boss of Tesla and Space X Elon …

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Into the world of ‘Night and Fog’: Wealthy Unpersons of Modern China: and how not to become one

In the Northern Hemisphere, fog is the eternal curse of Winter. Coupled with a deep, black night, you can almost feel it creep into your …

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China makes Crypto-Related Transactions Illegal

Chinese crypto holders are in free fall this week after the announcement by China’s central bank that all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal and must be …

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How to Plan for Crisis in South Africa

In the first of our series of country-specific blogs, we look at how to plan for crisis in South Africa. In my 30 years as …

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New Blog Series: How to Plan for Crisis

How to plan for crisis – a cautionary tale… I just finished watching a very provocative British tv series titled “Years and Years” which drove …

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Myth 5: Do my whole family need to expatriate to legally shelter wealth?

“Do my whole family need to expatriate?” Another fictitious hurdle that clients feel they have to vaunt over is the issue of their families’ expatriation. …

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Are we in the eye of a hurricane of risk… and if so, are you using your time wisely?

A hurricane of risk may well seem an apt summary of recent global developments. However, certain events have recently brought a period of certain calm. …

Young successful businessman standing in wheat field looking gazing into the future

Old Backup Plans are even more dangerous than no Backup Plan… They give a false sense of security

The other day I  drove to a meeting that required me to cross a river I hadn’t crossed in several years. No problem… I reflexively …

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Passport on National United States of America flag

Three critical life lessons to learn from the downfall of SBF (even if you don’t invest in crypto)

THE BILLIONS disappeared in hours. The crypto magician had gone bust. The man who was set to become the next Warren Buffet, the crypto genius …

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American Green Card

Green Cards: Look Before You Leap

A recent webinar for Strafford Webinars on the pros and cons of Green Cards. Featuring our founder and principal David Lesperance and international tax and …

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