Citizenship by Investment Can Create Opportunites and Provide Security for You and Your Family

Citizenship by investment is the process of obtaining a second citizenship by investing in the economy of the chosen country. At Lesperance and Associates we work closely with our clients to determine the best combination of citizenship and investment opportunity. Our solutions are based on their needs – both in terms of lifestyle and financial preservation.

Not all Citizenship by Investment Programmes are created equal!

Not all Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment and “Golden Visa” type programs are the same. Indeed, many such programs will ultimately not fulfil the client’s long-term needs. We know this to be true as many of our clients came to us as a result of a previous unsatisfactory experience.

Sometimes a program’s weaknesses are obvious, such as so-called “Honorary” citizenships. However for others the rules, regulations, and laws require close scrutiny by an expert. If this step is not taken then their fatal flaw may go unnoticed. In addition, visa rules, residence, naturalization, citizenship, tax treaties, and tax law regulations and practices are constantly changing. The difference between success and wasted time, effort and money is an advisor who is up-to-date on the latest changes in these areas and properly skilled to figure out the implications for each individual client.

We will advise your best course of action based on your personal circumstances.

In Citizenship by Investment We Represent Only our Clients

Another unique advantage of engaging Lesperance & Associates is that we have never earned commissions from any Citizenship-by-Investment, Residence-by-Investment and “Golden Visa” type programs. Many people do not realize that Citizenship-by-Investment, Residence-by-Investment and “Golden Visa” type programs pay large commissions to the immigration “consultants” who bring in applicants. Most often these commissions are undisclosed and can be significantly larger than the fees they charge their clients.

At Lesperance & Associates, we have always considered accepting commissions from government programs to be an inherent conflict-of-interest. Indeed, the practice of paying big commissions begs the question as to whether the advice is given in the client’s best interest or in the financial best interest of the “advisor”. As a result, our firm has never applied to be a “Marketing Agent” for any Citizenship-by-Investment, Residence-by-Investment and “Golden Visa” type programs. Instead, if through our research and analysis we determine that a particular program is in the best interest of our client, we work with local advisors to secure it as an element of our client’s Back-Up Plans©. That way, our clients can always be confident that we are acting exclusively in their best interest.

At Lesperance & Associates, we have always considered accepting commissions from government programs to be an inherent conflict-of-interest. In advising you on your citizenship by investment application, we are acting for you and you alone.

How we work

We work either directly with our clients or in collaboration with their family office, legal, accounting or financial advisors. For both citizenship by investment and our wider Back-Up Plans© programme we normally recommend close coordination with our client’s advisors because a holistic planning approach ensures important issues are identified and addressed early, saving on time and money…and unnecessary stress.

“I’ve worked with David for over 20 years on clients from around the world both in my current role and as a Senior Private Banker at the Royal Bank of Canada. David is much more than an immigration advisor because he also understands pre- and post-immigration tax and asset protection planning. Indeed, David shows how a second passport – as part of a comprehensive plan – is not just a necessary option but an opportunity…so our mutual clients land in their new countries in the most advantageous tax position possible.”

John McLeod
Director, Forvest Family Office Group, North, Central & South America

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