We Work with Family Offices to Find the Best Strategies for Wealth Preservation.

At Lesperance and Associates we have worked with scores of family offices, lawyers, accountants and wealth managers all over the world. We can help to identify risk and strategise damage limitation with regards to your client families’ wealth and security.

Identifying Risk and Long Term Planning for Family Offices

The traditional responsibility of family offices is to identify and decrease risks to their client families and their wealth. They also maximize opportunities to expand the client family’s wealth and diversify their lifestyle options. We have found in our thirty years liasing and working with Family Offices that the the role that residence and citizenship plays in fulfilling these responsibilities is often under-appreciated.

We can help illuminate how residence and citizenship planning can preserve and increase wealth for generations to come.

Discover more by reading our white paper on the topic (written specifically with Family Offices in mind) or get in touch to discover how we can help.  

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“I’ve worked with David for over 20 years on clients from around the world both in my current role and as a Senior Private Banker at the Royal Bank of Canada. David is much more than an immigration advisor because he also understands pre- and post-immigration tax and asset protection planning. Indeed, David shows how a second passport – as part of a comprehensive plan – is not just a necessary option but an opportunity…so our mutual clients land in their new countries in the most advantageous tax position possible.”

John McLeod
Director, Forvest Family Office Group, North, Central & South America

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