Invest in a Golden Visa to build the life you choose

A golden visa is a permanent residency visa issued to individuals who invest, most often through the purchase of property, a certain sum of money into the issuing country. We can advise on the different programmes available and guide you through the process of application.

Not all Golden Visa Programmes are the same…

There are an increasing number of “Golden Visa” type programmes available to those who have the capital to invest. However, they differ hugely in what they are able to offer the individual.  In fact, many such programs will ultimately not fulfil the client’s long-term needs. We know this is the case as many of our clients come to us following a previous unsatisfactory experience.


Sometimes a program’s weaknesses are clear. However, within many schemes the rules, regulations, and laws require close scrutiny by an expert. Without detailed inspection a fatal flaw in the plan may go unnoticed that may prove catastrophic to the clients’ situation.

Visa rules, residence, naturalization, citizenship, tax treaties, and tax law regulations and practices are constantly changing. It is vital when pursuing a golden visa that you invest in an advisor who is up-to-date on the latest changes in these areas. Otherwise you risk wasting time, effort and money in a scheme which is ultimately a bad fit for you and your family.

We will advise your best course of action based on your personal circumstances.

In researching the best Golden Visa for you and your family – we represent only you…

Lesperance & Associates has never earned any commission from “Golden Visa” type programs… and never will.

This is not the case elsewhere as many immigration ‘consultants’ and marketing agents receive large commissions from the issuing countries.  More often than not these commissions are undisclosed; they can be significantly larger than the fees they charge their clients.

We consider  accepting commissions from government programs to be a direct conflict-of-interest. We believe in putting our client first, and our advice stems from the country we perceive to be the best fit for their personal circumtsances – not who’s paying the largest commission!

This way, our clients can always be confident that we are acting exclusively in their best interest.

Golden Visas: How we work

We work either directly with our clients or in collaboration with their family office, legal, accounting or financial advisors. For both Golden Visas and our wider Back Up Plan programme we normally recommend close coordination with our client’s advisors because a holistic planning approach ensures important issues are identified and addressed early, saving on time and money… and unnecessary stress.

“I have known and worked with David for over two decades, initially when I was Chair of the Global Private Client practice as DLA Piper (then the world’s largest law firm) and more recently as founding partner of my own specialized tax law firm focused predominantly on international clientele. David’s deep and broad knowledge of tax and immigration law across the globe is unparalleled and certainly well-appreciated. In each case, he brings his many years of experience to bear and addresses the most complex of issues, always integrating practical solutions to resolve multi-jurisdictional, multi-generational problems for clients.”

Michael J. Legamaro, Esq.
Legamaro Banipal LLP

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