How to Apply for Citizenship by Investment

There are more options than ever for those high net worth individuals who are able to invest in a second citizenship. The choices can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know how to choose the right location. At Lesperance and Associates we are experts in building citizenship and residency strategies that are aligned with each clients’ tax, family, lifestyle and business objectives. Read on to discover an initial guide on how to apply for Citizenship by Investment.

Citizenship by Investment: Take the Time and Seek Advice to Ensure That You Make the Right Choice

Many Citizenship by Investment programs may ultimately not fulfill your long-term needs. Many of our clients seek our services as a result of a previous investment that has proven incompatible with their lives. 

Every Citizenship by Investment program will be accompanied by a litany of rules, regulations, and laws. These all require close scrutiny by an expert to ensure that they don’t conceal a fatal flaw that makes them unsuitable for your specific circumstances or needs.

Additionally, visa rules, residence, naturalization, citizenship, tax treaties, and tax law regulations and practices are constantly changing. Seeking advice from an impartial professional who is fully briefed and up to date with these areas will save you time, money and stress in the longer term.

We work closely with our clients, carefully researching their needs, expecatations, future plans, and financial circumstances in order to create the perfect match in terms of identifying which citizenship by Investment to persue. 

Impartial, Professional, Client Focused Advice

How to apply for Citizenship by Investment? Choose the right advisors for your team! Many companies who purport to represent their clients in procuring citizenship by investment receive large commissions from the issuing countries. 

At Lesperance & Associates, we consider accepting commissions from government programs to be an inherent conflict-of-interest. We have never applied to be a “Marketing Agent” for any Citizenship by Investment, Residence-by-Investment and “Golden Visa” type programme. We work purely with the client’s best interests in mind. When we establish that a particular program is the best fit for our client, we work with local advisors to secure it.  As our client, you can always be confident that we are acting exclusively in your best interest.

How to Start the Citizenship by Investment Process…

Like many things the process starts with a conversation. We normally work either directly with our clients or in collaboration with their family office, legal, accounting or financial advisors. We employ a holistic planning approach to ensure our client’s most important issues are identified and addressed early. We take the time to understand and appreciate all the intricacies of your particular situation. In this way we can find the best solution to meet all your needs.  

“I’ve worked with David for over 20 years on clients from around the world both in my current role and as a Senior Private Banker at the Royal Bank of Canada. David is much more than an immigration advisor because he also understands pre- and post-immigration tax and asset protection planning. Indeed, David shows how a second passport – as part of a comprehensive plan – is not just a necessary option but an opportunity…so our mutual clients land in their new countries in the most advantageous tax position possible.”

John McLeod.
Director, Forvest Family Office Group, North, Central & South America

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