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Get acquainted with the latest thinking on International Tax Issues, Second Citizenship Applications and Backup Planning…

At Lesperance and Associates our international tax and immigration experts are often called on to share our knowledge and understanding in the light of global developments. Here you can access some recent white papers written about various issues affecting the wealth planning of high net worth individuals across the world. 

The Tax-Efficient Way to Move to the USA

In this guide, tax and immigration experts Melvin Warshaw and David Lesperance bring to bear their over 3/4s of a century of combined experience to explaining the integration of these two complex areas of US law.

Introducing the Lesperance US Expatriation Report

We bring our thirty years of experience of the US expatritaion process to analyse the latest figures from the US Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate List.

Americans Abroad

Leaving the US – Find out now by downloading our white paper now

Chinese government exit ban

The Tax-Efficient Way to Renounce US Citizenship

Why are Americans Giving Up their Citizenships? Find out now by downloading our white paper now

Back Up Plans: A guide to alternative citizenship and residence - and why you should act now...

How a Backup Plan is more essential than ever for protecting your family’s well-being and wealth

Canada as a Tax Haven –

And how Meghan and Harry may benefit from their choice to relocate.

A Second Passport & Foreign Home?

It’s Not Just for James Bond Anymore… the Mission Critical Backup Plan

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