Obtaining a Second Citizenship Can Open New Doors for You and Your Family


At Lesperance & Associates we are experts in the areas of citizenship, immigration and tax. For the past thirty years we have helped high and ultra high net worth clients and their families obtain second citizenships that fulfil all of their current and future needs. Start a conversation with us to discover how we can open more doors for you and your family.

How we can help

Citizenship by Investment

Not all Citizenship-by-Investment programs are the same. We work with you to find your best solution.

Citizenship by Ancestry

You may have a claim to citizenship arising from your ancestry. We can help.

How a second citizenship can help you and your family

Having dual citizenship has a number of advantages. Belonging to more than one nation can help to protect your freedom and expand your investment horizons. In some situations where your home nation may be subject to a high risk environment it may even save your life. More and more high net worth individuals are investing in the process of obtaining a second citizenship as part of a ‘life insurance’ policy to ensure continuity of lifestyle for themselves and their family. 

Reasons to obtain second citizenship

  • Lower taxation
  • Freedom of movement with visa-free travel
  • Freedom to reside in more than one country
  • Enjoying more social benefits (education, healthcare etc.)
  • As a component of a comprehensive Back Up Plan©, it ensures freedom and ease of movement if personal  or political situations change. 
  • Investment opportunites


No situation is the same. We offer bespoke solutions and planning based on your personal circumstances and requirements.

“I’ve worked with David for over 20 years on clients from around the world both in my current role and as a Senior Private Banker at the Royal Bank of Canada. David is much more than an immigration advisor because he also understands pre- and post-immigration tax and asset protection planning. Indeed, David shows how a second passport – as part of a comprehensive plan – is not just a necessary option but an opportunity…so our mutual clients land in their new countries in the most advantageous tax position possible.”

John McLeod
Director, Forvest Family Office Group, North, Central & South America

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