Expert Back-Up Planning for Security & Peace of Mind

Case Studies

Today’s savvy high-net-worth individuals and their advisors must continually monitor potential threats to their families, wealth and businesses. Since many such events occur with little warning, being properly prepared with the appropriate response is a huge advantage.

A robust and flexible Back-Up Plan© from Lesperance & Associates allows high-net-worth individuals to react instantly should an adverse event arise. A well thought out Back-Up Plan also helps wealthy families take advantage of global opportunities for study, lifestyle, and investments without the worry of being denied access because they are not considered “locals”. 

The following case studies are based on Back-Up Plans prepared, executed and monitored by Lesperance & Associates.

Case Study 1: Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Seeks Solutions and Flexibility


  • The client, a California-based venture capitalist, was concerned with risks stemming from the economic and political climate—especially since the 2016 presidential election.
  • As a California resident, he was also worried that a (long overdue) major earthquake in addition to other disasters such as wildfires (or even North Korean missiles!) could present additional potential threats.
  • Finally, as a senior partner in a venture capital fund, he was acutely aware that changes in the taxation of Carried Interest could double his annual tax bill.


  • Using a combination of lineage citizenship and residence-by-investment programs, Lesperance & Associates developed a Back-Up Plan that will seamlessly allow him to temporarily or permanently move his family and business overnight should an adverse event occur.
  • His customized Back-up Plan also allows his family to work, study, or live in several foreign countries should they wish.

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Case Study 2: Multi-generation NYC Family Looks to Leverage its History and Business Expertise


  • A Sephardic Jewish family (the matriarch having immigrated to the US from Poland in 1939) in the real estate business had recently diversified their holdings throughout the US and internationally.
  • Given their history in Europe and a family ethos of pessimism, the need to plan ahead was ingrained.
  • The family wanted a flexible, effective and efficient Back-Up Plan in case of an adverse event such as a hurricane, terrorist attack, negative tax changes relating to Carried Interest or estate tax, the fresh financial crisis affecting real estate, or something totally unforeseen.


  • Lesperance & Associates developed a Back-Up Plan employing a combination of lineage citizenship (through both religious background and national heritage), while also leveraging the family’s international real estate diversification strategy.
  • The plan allows any family member to immediately and seamlessly deal with any type of adverse event.

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Case Study 3: High Net Worth Hong Kong Family Worries About Potential High Risk Environment


  • This family acquired significant wealth in China’s booming real estate and investment markets over the last few decades. While this wealth is new for the family, survival in changing circumstances is not.
  • Having successfully survived centuries under various Chinese Emperors, the Japanese, Nationalists, Communists, and the “New Communists”, this family understood all too well the critical need for a Back-Up Plan to deal with a potential adverse event.
  • In particular, the family was concerned about natural adverse events (air pollution, typhoon, mudslide) or a man-made adverse event (dirty bomb or major power outage) that might render high-rise Hong Kong uninhabitable.
  • In addition, as their wealth and prominence grew they became increasingly concerned about being wrongly targeted for alleged “wrongdoing”, aware that a number of Hong Kong business-people had been suddenly detained by authorities and accused of vague offenses.


  • In developing their customized Back-Up Plan, Lesperance & Associates used a combination of student visas, residence-by-investment, and citizenship-by-investment programs to allow the family to place members in various countries for education and future family diversification.
  • The family’s Back-Up Plan also includes early warning and contingency planning to ensure the family can defend themselves from the unwarranted attack on their reputation, person or wealth.

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