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In the complex world of international immigration, citizenship, and taxation, Lesperance & Associates stands out. We provide our clients with expert advice that fully considers their personal, family, business and succession situations – often working closely with their other advisors. Moreover, Lesperance & Associates never accepts commissions or financial incentives from any Citizenship-by-Investment, Residence-by-Investment or “Golden Visa” type programs we may recommend. Our clients can be assured that the advice they receive from our firm is in their best interest because we represent them, and only them — and not ourselves or any foreign government.

David S. Lesperance JD, Founder and Principal

David Lesperance, the firm’s founder, and the principal is one of the world’s leading practitioners in the areas of citizenship and international tax law. A published author in the field, David’s personal interest in these areas of law grew from his experience working as Canadian immigration and customs officer while studying law. Since being called to the bar in 1990, he has established his expertise with major law firms, his own law firm and as a private consultant. David has successfully advised scores of high- and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families, many of whom continue to seek his counsel today. He has also provided pro bono advice to many governments on how to improve their any Citizenship-by-Investment, Residence-by-Investment or “Golden Visa” type programs to better meet the needs of his global clients. David is supported by a team of professionals, some of whom have worked with him since the early 1990s.

“In addition to providing immigration, citizenship and international tax advice, my firm is special in the eyes of our clients because of our holistic and integrated approach to address their situations and needs. In most cases, our work is also carried out in close collaboration with our clients’ existing financial, legal and family office advisors – to get the best results.”

This holistic approach is best exemplified by the highly specialized Back-Up Plans© pioneered by Lesperance & Associates. Our firm’s innovative Back-Up Plans provide a comprehensive and client-focused solution that “plans for the worst…and hopes for best”. Each customized plan is designed to deliver the optimal citizenship, residency and domicile outcomes to our clients and their families based on their unique situations, requirements, and objectives. Back-Up Plans© are aligned with our clients’ financial, family, business situations and plans, their family wealth and personal protection objectives, and focused on their goals and preferred lifestyles over the long term, and integrated with their existing tax structures and estate planning. Most importantly, each Back-Up Plan is meticulously researched, prepared and executed. They are not an “off-the-shelf” citizenship solution proposed by a salesperson or firm working on commission paid by some government program office.

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